About Me


Hey Y’all. Rana Rines here. I was born (and raised) in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel at home in New York City, and love the contraction “y’all”. It’s so efficient!

After graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Acting, I moved back to California, married a gas-lighter and became a statistic. Thankfully, I had the good sense to divorce his ass (after which time I spent several years picking up the pieces of my former self) and eventually committed, once again, to a life of creativity.

Favorite credits include Barbara – the sarcastic, inappropriate National Security Advisor in the web series The Sit Room; Connie, the ball-busting literary agent who “always has a drink in her hand and a witty comeback on her tongue” in the feature film Breakdowns, and Amy, the assistant director who “takes herself way too seriously” in a thesis film out of Loyola Marymount called Lights, Camera, Death!

Now married to an absolute “keeper” and the proud mama of a four-year-old mini-me, I live in California, dream of being bi-coastal, and swear a lot. But not in front of your kids. I will (almost) never swear in front of your kids. 

Little known fact: I used to wear sequined bathing suits and win medals at synchronized swimming competitions. But that was before I discovered The Thea-tah. I’m almost positive those photos (and videos?!) will surface someday on late night TV. Stay tuned!